Sailor Aije Tortilla

Aije is an otaku and cosplayer.

She has been collecting Sailor Moon goods since 1995, and has remained in love with the show ever since.

In 2014 she realized that the moonie community needed a mature voice to carry on the traditions of grumpy adult anime fans everywhere and fired up her youtube channel.

5 comments on “Sailor Aije Tortilla

  1. The dance scene with Usagi and Tuxedo Mask
    was beautiful. 14) How did you come up with your gimmick and
    ring name. Like the original first episode of the anime, Naru (aka Molly) is
    in danger as a youma has taken over her mom’s form and
    drains energy through jewelry.

    • Hey there, my username actually came up because my real like name sounds like Tortilla! Hope this helps, lol.

  2. hello can you tell me where to get them Twinkle Dolly 1 y 2 … and not found .Also am looking for miniaturely 1 Which is what I need and That is of communicators or something like that are the colors of the sailors .. thanks for your help
    pd I love your collection

    • Sorry for the late response, Twinkle Dolly 1 and 2 have been spotted at my local Hot Topic stores, Barnes And Noble, and Books A Million. It’s hard to get them as a full set like I did with set 1 from Japan, but it looks like the international release sent to the states is still floating around at those local stores.

      Miniturely Tablet Communicator set is currently available from the Roppongi Sailor Moon Museum exhibit but they will be for exclusive Japan online sale soon. Your best bet to get those is to use a deputy service like Anime Osaka from Facebook. I have seen other deputy services also offering this set from the museum exhibit.

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