Moonie FAQ

Aije answers some of your burning questions!

Q. Who is your favorite Sailor Senshi?

A. Sailor Jupiter: she is strong but at the same time feminine, straddling the border that other tom-boy characters fail to cross. Inside all of us are feminine and masculine properties and she embodies this. She also has balls in her hair.

Q. Do you like the classic anime, Crystal, or manga best?

A. I like the classic anime the best; it inserted some great humor that didn’t exist in the manga and handled character development better than any other version of the show.

Q. Which language version of Sailor Moon do you like the best?

A. I love the original Japanese version, but I think the Latin American dub handled the show very well also.

Q. Which is you favorite Sailor Moon Item?

A. The Proplica Cutie Moon Rod.

Q. Which is your first Sailor Moon Item?

A. These  Sailor Moon Sneakers, just not this exact pair. My original pair went to Goodwill.

Q. Do you cosplay?

A. Yes! I cosplay characters from Sailor Moon and other anime. You can check out my cosplay pics on my FB page or on my Instagram. Here’s my Shiro from No Game No Life:


2 comments on “Moonie FAQ

  1. Hi Aije! I love your channel and I just wanted to ask if you knew about or were maybe going to the silver millennium masquerade ball in NY on March 11 2017? My sister and I really want to go and seeing you cosplay at the event would be amazing!

    • Sorry for taking so long to respond, seeing that this event was invite-only and only had only an allotted 400 tickets, I wasn’t about to procure any 🙁

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